Going In CirclesHave you ever heard yourself uttering those demoralizing words, ‘I Just Can’t Lose Weight’.

So often it isn’t a case that you are unable to lose weight, it is more likely to be the fact that, as yet, you haven’t come across a diet or perhaps just a method of losing weight that works for you.

With the emphasis on YET!

There are so many diets to choose from – over 300 we are told. You would think it would be a simple task to find one that is just right for you. But in fact it is probably the vast choice of diets available that makes it such a challenge to select the one that is right for you.

But don’t give up, just because you haven’t succeeded so far definitely doesn’t mean that there isn’t a method that will work for you.

Your past results don’t equal your potential for future success.

To achieve your goal of losing those unwanted extra pounds it isn’t necessary for you to keep trying every new diet that comes onto the market. There is possibly an approach that you haven’t considered as yet.

I will come back to that later. For now I want to give you some thoughts as to why you may not succeeded so far.

Figures show that the majority of people that go on a diet and achieve their goal of losing weight are unable to maintain their new weight. And in most cases put the weight they lost back on – plus few extra pounds as well. Frustrating isn’t it?

That is why you may be saying – I can’t lose weight. But I bet you can, what you can’t do is lose weight permanently. Am I right or am I right.

It’s probably a bit obvious to say but permanent weight loss is the goal that all dieters are aiming for. Well I hope it is.

But at the same time there is far too much publicity around dieting that encourages you to believe that permanent weight loss is difficult to achieve.

The ‘benefit’ of this situation in the diet market is that this lack of success is rarely blamed on the diet itself and more on the fact – well that is what happens with diets. Therefore you are not totally surprised when the weight goes back on – plus the extra bit. And you then go on to try the next fad diet and the next and the next.

But it really doesn’t have to be that way.

The number one challenge, I believe, is that too often the goal of losing weight is set over too short a period. And that normally brought about by wanting to lose weight for a special occasion – holiday, party, special date, wedding. There will be many reasons that can be added to the list.

But keep this fact in mind – you have probably put on those extra pounds over quite a period of time. They have sort of crept up on you.

So if it has taken some time to get to your present weight then give yourself a realistic time to lose the weight. Plan ahead and work steadily and surely towards your goal.

That way you can make it permanent weight loss.

But perhaps the most important suggestion that I can leave you at this point is to have the right reason to lose weight.

The right reason is – lose those extra pounds for the sake off your health. Because you want to feel better as well as look better.

Ultimately feeling healthier must be the driver to succeed at dieting and as a consequence you will lose weight and look better.

Don’t let me hear you telling yourself anymore that you can’t lose weight. Set feeling healthy as you goal and I can show you the way to achieve it.

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