When I make this statement I am frequently asked the question – but are we in control of them?

As with all things in your life the answer is a very big YES.

You definitely do control your habits and your acceptance of the fact is an important step on the road to changing you life in whichever ways you choose by some simple habit changes.

A phrase to keep in mind and one I use frequently when talking to clients is – Habits Control Our Lives – But We Control Our Habits.

Have you stopped to consider your habits or even better actually analyzed them and written down your findings?

If you have done this analysis, have you considered the effect the habits you have identified might be having on any particular area of your life?

Or are you like so many, do you just accept your habits as they are and move on with life?

But more important are your current habits something you have always believed – or been led to believe by others – are something you are unable to change?

I hope you are not one of those people who come out with the usual excuses when the idea of changing habits is put forward…..

I’m too old to change.

They’re too ingrained in my character to change.

To counter this way of thinking I would always quote one of my favorite sayings from the great Henry Ford – “ If you believe can or you believe you can’t you are right.”

This quote highlights one thing – once you can develop the belief system that ‘you can’ change your habits – targeting them one by one – then you will be taking a significant step to changing your life for the better.

Habits will be influencing so many areas of your life, your career, your business, your finances, your relationships, your health and so the list goes on.

My experience and belief is that probably 95% of your life is controlled by your habits.

Doesn’t that give a good enough reason to get into a situation where you can take control of your habits?

The option you have, if you are not totally content with the way your life is progressing at this moment, is to stop, take a deep breath and check some of your habits.

Asking yourself – with some small changes to some of my bad negative habits could my life be just that little bit better – or maybe significantly better?

Could it be worth a try? What do you have to lose?

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“Your Habits Control Your Life – But You Control Your Habits
Therefore You Can Take Back Control of Your Life”

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