The answer to that question is a resounding yes – you can definitely control them. You can make the decision, as you are reading this post right now to do just that.

You Can Take Positive Control of Your Habits …

A phrase that I often use when talking to clients is – Habits Control Our Lives – But We Control Our Habits.

Have you ever stopped to consider your habits or even better have you actually assessed your habits and the impact they might be having on any particular aspect of your life.

Or are you like so many, do you just take your habits for granted.

Perhaps more important, have you always believed your habits are something in your life – or been led to believe by others – you can’t change.

Then what about the people who, when challenged about a particular habit they exhibit, come back with the unbelievable reply – “I have always done that and I’m too old to change now.”

Are you someone like that? Please tell me your not.

Well help is at hand. I am here to tell you that you DO control your habits and you can change them permanently.

Our Life Runs on AutoPilot …

Your habits control 90% – and maybe more – of your everyday activities. Effectively your life is running on autopilot.

We can all identify our habits in so many areas…..

Wherever you are in life with, your business, your job, your financial stability, your relationships, your health, your habits play a major part.

And once you have this knowledge then you can identify your habits in any particular area. Then once you are armed with this information you have the opportunity to change your habits and change your life in the process.

It doesn’t matter whether you are exactly where you want to be in life or perhaps still striving to get your life in a better order, it is your habits that have been the main cause of that situation – both good or bad.

But Now We Come To The Really Exciting News …

By far the most important point to I want to get over is the fact that your habits can be changed. And you can change them a lot quicker than you may initially think.

It doesn’t matter whether you are young – or not so young – if you really want to change some of your limiting habits – or for that matter reinforce some of your good habits then you can do it.

But the other aspect that you will need to blend together with the knowledge that habits can be changed is the belief that you can change any habit once you set your mind to it.

And my goal is to help you to build your inner belief and then with that belief you will be able to make all the habit changes that you want.

Research – not just by me – has shown that your habits can either work for you or against you – help or hinder.

Here at ProblemSolvingExpert I will be showing you ways to ensure that your habits only help you by replacing the ones that hinder you with helpful ones.

Sounds pretty simple – well it is once you put your mind to it and you BELIEVE you can do it.

I feel confident in what I say as it is a process I have used to turn my own life around.

Until the next time we get together just give some thought to some of the habits you may not be totally happy with – and let’s see if we can work on them.

“Your Habits Control Your Life – But You Control Your Habits”
Therefore You Can Take Back Control of Your Life

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