The SunThe vast majority of the problems we think we are going to have to deal in our lives with never actually come to fruition. So often they only ever exist as problems in our minds. And I want you to keep that thought clearly fixed in your mind.

This whole train of thought is formed around the old expression I’m sure you’ve heard that tells us that 95% of the things we worry about never actually happen. And this is true of your problems in life.

The perceived problems you come up against are frequently magnified in your own mind by your internal dialogue. The negative conversations that you have with yourself can do untold damage to your belief system and can absorb so much of your time during each day. Very small problems unbelievably big by the end of the day and so often carry over into a new day. And they can be distracting and drain your energy.

An interesting suggestion I came across this week that I now work with is to actually put any problems I come up against on hold. And by doing so I’m finding that the problem has the tendency to disappear.

Now you are probably thinking how on earth are you going to do that?

The method is simple. Let’s imagine that an event or issue arises in your life which you see as a problem. If you see it as a problem, by definition it is unlikely that you have a solution to it right away because if you did it wouldn’t be a problem in the first place. Would it?

So what do you normally do in this situation? Do you start to escalate the problem by your internal dialogue and as the solution fails to come then the problem appears to get bigger and bigger?

But remember this is probably still all in your mind.

So the idea is to put the problem on pause that is use a way to put it out of your mind for a short period. It is very unlikely that the consequences are immediate.

Instead note the problem down on a price of paper with a brief explanation. Pop the piece of paper safely in the drawer and forget about it for three days. This is the pause period.

Then after three days get the piece of paper and read what you have written. Is still a problem or has the issue solved itself. By that I mean was it really a problem in the first place?

The chances are it isn’t and it never was really.

As I said 95% of the things you worry about never happen and the pause approach is a great way to ignore “invisible worries” and rise above these irrelevant thoughts.

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