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As the creator of ProblemSolvingExpert I often reflect back on the journey that has lead to the creation of this website. It is the desire to take others down the positive route of self-help. As I have established from my experience that self-help is the only way forward. No one else can do it for you.

I’m feel certain I’m not alone on this journey. There will be many that have been and still are on that similar journey. My journey continues and I’m hopeful I will be able to help you with yours.

How Do You Move Forward In Life?

To repeat my thoughts in my first paragraph – my experience of life and the results of research is that we can read as much as we like about our problems but however much we talk to other people and receive advice and guidance to overcome our problems at the end of the day it all comes down to self – self-help.

The objective of the ProblemSolvingExpert website is to give clues, help and advice on the various subjects it will be addressing. But at the end of the day it is only when you – and you personally – take that information and act on it will you get any benefit from it.

However well intentioned my efforts might be on this site it is all focused on you – the reader.

Taking Action Yourself Is Crucial:

For many years I was a sponge for all the information I could read, videos I could watch, presentations I could sit through – you name it I soaked it up.

But too often at the end of each day, each week, each month, even each year nothing in my life changed for the better – WHY??

I definitely understood what I was reading and hearing and to a large degree I believed in what I was presented with.

But, at that point I can only assume I was waiting for something to leap off the page, out of the video or wherever and do it for me.

I think one of the greatest quotes that I ever heard is from Zig Ziglar – “It can take seconds for a message to travel all the way round the world, but it can take years to travel the last quarter of an inch – from your ear to your brain.”

It was the day this fact sunk into my brain and I took responsibility for my own life that my world began to change.

It’s About Analysis of Self:

But not over analysis – I must emphasize.

Once the analysis is complete then you can take the bits of information you have gathered – it may just a small piece of information that you recognize each time – but take it and apply yourself and the challenge of changing yourself.

Have no doubt no one else can do it for you! Keep in mind that in life there is only one person you can change – that’s yourself.

And change initially comes from within you – with a change of personal mindset.

We can often be guilty of spending too much time trying to change everyone and everything around us – to mould people and situations to how we want things to be.

But that is a pointless task. What you must do is commit to changing yourself so that your reactions and responses to the people and situations that surround you will bring about the change you desire.

It’s All Work In Progress:

Work on yourself a little bit each day to become a happier you.

A quote from a fortune cookie – “Many a false step is made by standing still”

Whether it is a tiny step or a giant leap everyday you need to take some form of action. Something that you feel you have achieved and identified as a step forward.

Life is a self-help event and it doesn’t matter whether you are talking about weight loss, relationships, raising kids, motivation, it all relies on you.

My hope is you will be able to find within the tips and guides that you can take and apply to yourself. And they will bring you greater fulfilment, a more relaxed outlook and more enjoyment into your life


“Your Habits Control Your Life – But You Control Your Habits
Therefore You Can Take Back Control of Your Life”

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