can't lose weightToday I return to the question – why can’t I lose weight. It is one that I will return to often as it is probably the biggest challenge that many of you face in your search for a way to lose those extra pounds.

But please don’t be daunted by the question, maybe the answer is nearer than you think.

When facing the challenge of losing weight it all begins with identifying exactly where the problem lies in the first place.

And as far as I can understand from my own experience and that of others that I speak to, it all lies in you having the ability and patience to identify exactly what your current eating and drinking habits are.

Now we need to add into the equation the other common statement that you hear in dieting circles and that is – I don’t know why I can’t lose weight because it’s not as if I eat anything.

But the truth is that most of us don’t really have a clue what we do actually eat and drink on daily or weekly basis.

Until you know that piece of information and can see it written down in front of you there will always be a degree of excuse making.

Life will become much easier when you take the trouble to sit down and analyze your daily and weekly eating and drinking habits. I feel confident that you will be amazed and perhaps shocked by what you find.

The reason that I call my blog Get The Weight Loss Habit is because losing weight is just that. It is a habit that you must get into. Just as eating and drinking are habits you will need modify.

The fact is that your weight is the result of your eating and drinking habits and only by knowing what those habits are and then working to change those habits are you ever going to lose those extra pounds. And with the right approach you can lose them permanently.

Let’s just remind ourselves of what a habit is.

Habits are an acquired behavior pattern that one regularly follows until it becomes almost involuntary, or subconsciously done.

Another way to put it is a dominant or regular tendency to act of or behave in are certain way.

I always talk about habits, but many people will mean the same thing when they refer to their routines. In that situation we can take routines and habits to be one and the same.

If you are going to deal with any habits then first you must know exactly what those habits are.

That all begins with analysis. Taking the time to list down for a whole day – or if necessary for a whole week – exactly what you eat and drink.

If you want to make this the success that it can be you need to be totally honest with you recording. Little items left out could be just the piece of information that is key to you weight problem.

Remember it is both eating and drinking and it is also important to note the times that these events occur because timing can often be a useful clue. And one that I will come back as I help you identify one habit that you can change.

Because that is all you need to focus on at the beginning. Find one bad habit – just one – that you can change and you will be on your way.

But until you complete the analysis exercise yourself you will never know where the problem lies and you will merely go on making excuses for your weight.

And if you do that then you run the risk that an even bigger problem occurs – you start to accept the situation and do absolutely nothing about it.

That is not what you want – is it?

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