Have you ever stopped for a few minutes or just a few seconds and thought about habits.  Your habits and perhaps even the habits of other people.  Good habits and bad habits.

Well right now that is what I am asking you to do.

Stop what you are doing and just think about your habits.  Are any of your habits having an effect on what you are doing right now? Are you doing something purely because it is a habit?

Do you even recognize your habits and the way they control your daily actions and activities?

Perhaps I should define habit and that may help you to realize exactly what is happening here.

Habits are an acquired behavior pattern that one regularly follows until it becomes almost involuntary, or subconsciously done.

Habits are a fascinating subject when you start to look into it. And the power of your habits is something that can work for you or against you.

However, once you understand your habits – by taking the time to analyze them, recognize them and accept the power that they have – then you are well on your way to changing the bad habits which have a negative effect and are probably holding you back in life, for good positive habits that will help you move forward.

Over the last few years I have become increasingly aware of the way that my life is controlled by my habits.  It all started when I was reading a business book and there was a chapter that was dedicated to habits and the effect that they can have on anyone’s business success.

As I read through the same chapter a number of times I became aware of the effect that some of my habits were having on areas of my life.  Some areas that I knew I wanted to change for the better.

But although I was reading about the effect habits had in respect to business – it was a business book after all – it wasn’t a major jump to realize that habits were affecting virtually every area of my life.

My health, my fitness, my weight, my relationships, my motivation, and of course my business.

Once I understood the way my life was being controlled then it was a natural progression to give thought to how I could change my habits with the intention of improving many aspects of my life.

How often do you hear others say and in fact you may say it yourself – it is just a habit that I have.

Or even worse when the comment is expanded to say – “It’s just a habit I have, but I’m too old to change my habits now.”

But you aren’t too old!  You are never too old to change as long as you want to and believe you can change.

Have you ever thought how many things in your life are affected by your habits and how your life could be changed just by a bit of perseverance and and few habit changes.

Why not give it a bit of thought right now?

The list of areas of your life that can be addressed by habit change is literally endless.

I am not about to start creating a list right here but over the coming weeks I will be looking at different areas that can be addressed by habit changes.

I know that habit changes do work as I have done it myself in a number of areas of my life and the benefits that it has brought to my life is absolutely amazing.

I would like to do the same for you and help you make positive changes in areas of your life that until now you may not have recognized as being controlled by your habits.

So stick with me as this blog develops and try to put some of these ideas into place in your life.

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Whatever your age don’t dismiss this information with that limiting statement – “I’m too old to change”. Because I can assure you that you are not.  It is all a case of willingness and the desire.

The most amazing fact to leave you with is that none of these changes take long to take effect. I’m sure you will be surprised, as I was how long it takes to make a habit change permanent.

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