Woman Measuring Her WaistHow often have you heard someone ask the question – why can’t I lose weight -whatever I try?

Maybe you’ve even asked yourself this question before now. Well my aim is to help you find the answer.

Over the next few posts I will come back to this very question. And with each post I will aim to narrow down the answers to this big question. With the hope that one of the answers I will be proposing it will click in your mind.

Giving you the answer you have been searching for. And the clue that will set you on a route to finally help you to lose those unwanted pounds – for good.

You would think as the diet industry is so big (excuse the pun), with literally hundreds of different approaches to dieting – there would be, in amongst it all, at least one approach that would suit every individual.

Yet there are still so many people who are finding it difficult or even impossible to lose weight. My goal is help focus your thinking and draw your attention to certain critical pointers you may not have considered so far.

Losing weight is much simpler than you have perhaps thought. You just need to come at it from the right direction.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for many is not realizing exactly what the problem is when it comes to understanding those excess pounds. Or to put it more bluntly far too many people are not prepared to accept responsibility for their excess weight.

If I take myself as an example – and hold up both hands and admit – for far too long I weighed about 20 pounds too much. I had tried a number of different approaches to dieting with the plan of losing weight – but with little success.

Some attempts worked a little (and some of them didn’t). Most of them worked in the short term but not in the medium or long term.

We all know it is essential that the weight loss is successful in the long term – in other words it is permanent – because if it it isn’t it just increases the frustration of life.

Perhaps, like many people, when it comes to the many challenges that we come up against in life, I was looking for a magic button, the secret pill or the next easy answer to my problem.

Whereby if I read the book, tried the concept for a few days or maybe a few weeks, then I would miraculously get to my desired weight and stay there.

Bad news is that it doesn’t work that way. Life isn’t like that. There are no magic buttons or easy answers. If anything is going to be achieved it needs some effort – not necessarily massive effort but some effort.

More important, most if not all the answers rest within us. Looking at our habits – in this case our eating and drinking habits – can frequently bring us the results that we seek.

So don’t keep saying – why can’t I lose weight – start saying I can lose weight. I just need to channel my effort in the right direction.

Now let’s see if I can help you to find that direction.

I love to help if I can. Check This Out…

“Your Habits Control Your Life – But You Control Your Habits
Therefore You Can Take Back Control of Your Life”

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