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can't lose weightHow often do you say to yourself, ‘I Just Can’t Lose Weight’. Frequently it isn’t a case of not being able to lose weight it is more likely that you haven’t found a method that works for you – yet!

When Thomas Edison was working to develop the electric light bulb we are told it took 4,000 attempts before he succeeded. But his only comment was that he had successfully found 3,999 ways that didn’t work

I’m not saying you are going to have to plow your way through that many diet ideas and plans until you find success, but it is essential that you understand much more about your current eating and drinking habits in order to find a way forward.

It is now becoming more evident from independent research that the most important factor in losing weight is to identify and change your eating and drinking habits – because that way you can not only achieve weight loss but that weight loss will be permanent.

It is important to be aware that before you can change those habits you first have to know what they are. There is absolutely no point in saying to other people – and yourself for that matter – I can’t lose weight whatever I try and it is not as if I eat that much anyway.

If you are guilty of making this type of statement it is because you have no real idea of what you do actually eat and drink – it is just your perception of what you eat and drink – or to put it more bluntly you may just be fooling yourself.

So what is the answer? Your diet plan must begin with a thorough analysis of your daily and weekly eating and drinking habits. It must be done systematically and honestly. It must be committed to paper so that it can be looked back at and possibly added to and then analyzed.

Your challenge – if you are brave enough to take it on – is to complete an in depth analysis of your current diet. You need to break the day down into hours and list down on your chart exactly what you are eating and drinking together with the quantities in each of those hours.

To be of real benefit to you it has to be thorough, accurate and honest – I know I am repeating myself but this aspect alone is critical to your success. In order to get a clear picture it may be necessary to do this each day for a period of a week.

Then when the day or the week is complete it is time for analysis of the habits that you have identified. It is highly likely that your analysis will bring the real answers to your weight problem.

Now the most powerful aspect of this process is that by identifying just one of the habits, one that leaps out from your analysis and changing that habit forever can have the power to change you from someone that can’t lose weight to someone that can lose weight and lose it permanently.

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