apple-with-leafWhen I use the phrase – lose weight naturally I don’t necessarily mean that you have to make use of natural products it is more a case of encouraging you to avoid the unnatural ways to lose weight.

It always amazes me how many different diet plans, ideas and potions there are on the market.  A few years back when I researched the information it was put at something in excess of 300.

Wow with all those to choose from where do you even start.

Well you don’t. What normally happens is that you go with the one that is being promoted – and keep in mind they are paid to promote it – by the latest A or B list celebrity.

But my real concern is that a lot of these diets are what can best be described as dramatic in terms of the change they ask you to make in your current diet habits.

And I question how dramatic changes to your diet can be good for your overall health in the medium and long term.

I am a great believer that most of you already know what foods are good for you and what is less good and some which are downright bad when it comes to your diet and your weight problem.

Whichever way you cut it there is a very simple equation when it comes to those extra pounds that you are carrying and it is this.

If you eat more energy – calories – than you burn up through your daily activity then it will be stored as fat – extra pounds, inches, call it what you like.

So if you want to lose weight then it is an equally simple equation.

That is that you must take in less energy than you burn up.

Taking in exactly the same amount of calories as you burn is referred to as a maintenance diet. Eating at that level will maintain your weight on a steady level.

If you eat less calories than you require or use up in daily activity then that is below maintenance level and you will lose weight.

As the balance that is required during your daily activities will be taken from your fat stores.  At that below-maintenance level of intake you will lose weight.

If you consume more in food and drink than you consume in activity then it is a production diet and you will produce fat as a store.  Which results in you putting on weight.

So taking all that into account if you want to lose weight you must consume below your daily usage of calories.  Then you will be successful.

Here I must offer a word of caution – if you think you can lose weight by stopping eating – starvation diet – then beware.

Your body, metabolism and your brain is too clever for that. Because it gets a message from your stomach that there is a major shortage of food – energy – coming its way then it had better hang on to what is already there in case the situation gets worse.

That means it will hang onto the fat that is already there as a store for the future.  To lose weight you need to eat.  But eat sensibly.  Eating a relatively small quantity of calories below you daily consumption will result in steady weight loss

To sum up and get back to the title.

Lose weight naturally.  What I mean is that you don’t want to change you eating dramatically instead you want to be change it steadily but permanently. That way your weight loss will be permanent.

And permanent is what you want isn’t it?

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